Friday, June 24, 2011

B.E.L.S: Buddhist English Library of Seoul

The Buddhist English Library of Seoul (Ms. Jiwon Chung, Director) is a place for the Buddhists of all traditions to come and study Buddhist texts and publications, and to listen to Buddhist lectures and meditation in English. The library shares the same foundation purpose from Songkwang-sa and Hwagye-sa International Seon Centre; to further the proliferation of Korean Seon(zen) Buddhism not only throughout Korea, but also through the world. The Buddhist English Library of Seoul opened its door on May 2007, in accordance with Ven. Cheonga’s deep meaning to spread Korean Buddhism. The library provides a space for the foreign Sangha members, renounced in Korea; or Foreign Sangha members, visiting Korea, to meet and make cultural exchanges with other foreign or Korean lay Buddhists. Through these stable and continuous exchanges, Korean Buddhism may be able to extend throughout the world.


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