Monday, August 15, 2011

Over 30 Korean American Students Visit South Korea to Learn Buddhist Culture

‘I can’t understand my mind because my mind is running so wild.’
‘Do not force it. If you simply watch your mind you will eventually see the gap in between thoughts’
‘Is it possible to attain Enlightenment just by finding that gap?’
‘Just let go of that thought too. Just put it aside in your secret hiding place and you can open it 20 years after.’

This is a wholehearted conversation regarding the law of Seon meditation practice, which took place
between Lee Jaewon (10 yrs, youth participant) and Ven. Sangin(Chief Secretary, Korean International
Buddhist Network). Ms. Jaewon was very excited about her first Seon experience and poured out various
questions to Ven. Sangin. The Ven. was able to teach the students in fluent English as he studied in
Australia and have experience in teaching the students.
Other student participants also asked various questions without hesitation, such as “Is there a way
become a monk in the U.S.?’ or ‘Why do we have to eat vegetarian meals?’ The Ven. moved the minds of
the participants with simple answers such as, ‘What is important here is not about avoiding the meat, but to
appreciate the food offered to us with a humble attitude.’...

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