Thursday, March 22, 2012

$7 million Korean temple planned for Salisbury Mills, NY

In Salisbury Mills, New York, Won Kak Sa (est. 1986) is looking to expand its current location in to a traditional Korean Buddhist temple complex. The new facility would be built on the 228 acres of land currently maintained by Won Kak Sa and would host lectures, meditation practice, and Korean cultural events (all overlooking a lake on the property).
Wha Sup Chung, who oversees the fundraising and construction committees for this project, says, “One thing we want to emphasize is that this is not just for Koreans — this is for all the people.”
If completed, the $7 million dollar expansion will include a 2800 square foot prayer hall, a building to house monks, and a meditation hall. All of the woods for the new construction would be imported from South Korea, and the buildings would be constructed in a traditional Korean style, without nails.

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