Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maangchi - Authentic Korean Cooking

Learn how to cook authenthic Korean dishes with free recipe books and video instruction! Many delicious vegetarian dishes available as well which can be used for formal meal practice (Baru Gongyang) too!

Maangchi is a great Korean Cooking website that has free recipe books available for download, free video instruction and beautiful photos alongside step-by-step instructions for a ton of delicious and easy to make authentic Korean dishes. There is also a Youtube channel, Podcast, Community section and more!

Check out one video here for Mapa Tofu!
Mapa tofu is also called "mapo tofu" or "mapo doufu." It's one of the most popular Chinese-Korean dishes in Korea along with jjajangmyeon (blackbean noodles) and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork/beef). Koreans call this dish "mapadubu." Every family seems to have their own version of mapadubu. I use chicken breast but you could use pork or beef. If you're a vegetarian, you could use mushrooms instead of meat.

Check it out here. 

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