Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thailand's young nuns challenge convention

Beam Atchimapon is already three days late for the new school term in her native city, the Thai capital of Bangkok - but for a good cause.
The nine-year-old is part of a small but growing group of Thai girls who choose to spend part of the school holiday as Buddhist nuns, down to having their heads shaven.
The temporary ordination of young men has long been part of Thai culture, with men spending a few days as monks and returning to their normal professions after time at a monastery.
But the ordination of "mae ji" or "nuns" is less common, and the idea that women should not play an active role in monastic life still prevails among more conservative Thais.
Fully ordained Buddhist nuns are not legally recognized, as they are in Myanmar and Sri Lanka - one sign of the inequality women still face in certain fields in Thailand....

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