Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bishop Jongmae's New Buddhist Dictionary

Bishop Jongmae has recently published his 4th title "Modern Korean-Chinese-Sanskrit-English Buddhist Dictionary" in May 2012.

This new dictionary is a huge asset to all of us studying Korean Buddhism and the first time English speakers have had access to a such a comprehensive volume.

However, the dictionary is indexed according to the Korean entries so searching in English for terms is difficult if not impossible.

Therefore, it is my personal project to compile a supplemental digital English Index so that readers may easily and quickly search by known English terms to find the Korean/Sanskrit equivalent.

This ongoing blog label (dictionary) will track the progress of the English Indexing for all to follow and also highlight some new terms along the way.

The dictionary page count comes in at 641 pages with approx. 6-7 terms per page for an estimated total of over 4,000 individual entries.

So far 235 terms have been indexed that span over 50 pages. The English indexing is 8% complete.

Check back here at the blog often for regular updates on the Dictionary Indexing Project (DIP).

50 / 641 pages. 8% done!

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