Thursday, September 1, 2011

An American Buddhist Life: Memoirs of a Modern Dharma Pioneer

From Full Contact Enlightenment:

This summer, Sumeru Books released “An American Buddhist Life- Memoirs of a Modern Dharma Pioneer” by notable Buddhist Studies professor Charles Prebish, which recounts his personal journey in undertaking a lengthy and remarkable half-century career helping the dharma take hold and flourish in the West.

Prebish was one of the first to undertake a program of Buddhist Studies in the 1960′s, having found an appreciation for a class he had taken somewhat on a whim. His memoir delves into the transformation from a Buddhist student to a scholar as having spent time at Naropa and jetting throughout the United States to teach as well as to deliver presentations, he was fortunate to have encountered many of the leading thinkers and teachers in Buddhism during the heyday of Buddhism arriving in North American soil, on through to the present day.

This book is a valuable work that gives in intimate peek into the path of a student-teacher-practitioner and speaks to the unique challenges faced in this career choice.....

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