Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Podcast!

Our Dharma Talk Podcast turns 1 this month! Here are a few statistics from the past year:

48 Total Dharma Talks
12 Different Speakers
14.5 Recorded Hours

7755 Episode Hits via website
13,426 Feed Hits (iTunes/Other)
1839 Site Visitors

Accessed and Downloaded in 45 countries!

View the full archive of Dharma Talks here
and don't forget to subscribe through iTunes if you still haven't done so yet!

For commemorating our successful 1st year of Podcasting I will be putting together all of the 1st year Dharma Talks together in a single volume compilation. Copies will be available at the temple by the end of the year and CDs will be available to order online for those not able to pick them up locally.

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