Thursday, November 24, 2011

HBO has been 'Enlightened'

From the Huffington Post:

Laura Dern is one of the most respected and versatile film actresses in America. Her roles have included portrayals of "the every woman" to "the woman on the very edge." In her new character, Dern portrays an every woman named Amy who, very publicly, swerves all the way off the edge.

“Enlightened,” the tragically and comically misnamed series on HBO, is the story of Amy’s long and bumpy road toward self-realization and spiritual awareness –- and her determination to drag everyone up with her.

I first became aware of the series by seeing what is becoming an iconic poster for Enlightened that juxtaposes Dern’s face -- mascara streaked and contorted with rage -- with the show’s title promising the ultimate spiritual goal. The tension inherent between pain and salvation struck me as deeply funny, tragic and true, which are good ways to describe the series that Dern envisioned and in which she now stars.

I spoke to Laura Dern over the phone about Amy’s determined desire for enlightenment (especially for everyone around her), the danger of dogma and the importance of holy anger.....

Read the full interview here.

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  1. I too first became aware of the series because I caught the same poster of Amy crying with mascara running down her face on the wall where I work (DISH Network). I decided to check it out at DISHOnline and have been watching it whenever I can find the time. This show is great in so many respects because I think in some weird way it’s a show that everyone can relate to. With the plot written and directed by Mike White, based on a story by Mr. White and Laura Dern, who could go wrong to give it a shot?