Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tibet is Burning: Is the Freedom Movement Entering a New Phase?

Since March 2011, at least nine Tibetans, most of them teens and some in their early 20s, have set themselves on fire. The self-immolation by young Tibetans has triggered outrage and protests by exiled Tibetans around the world—a Global Day of Action is scheduled for November 2.

Why are Tibetan youth dousing themselves in kerosene and setting themselves alight in such large numbers? It is quite clear that the situation inside Tibet is pretty grim. And it has been bad for a long time.

The “Arab Spring” has galvanized freedom movements around the world and Tibet is no exception. If things could change so fast in Egypt or in Libya, then why not Tibet? Even as China has been clearly intensifying its crackdown on religion, Tibetans are ramping up their campaign to raise awareness and bring attention to their predicament....

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