Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Throw this blog in the garbage

Hyun Gak Sunim has a new blog that is worth checking out in my opinion. As many of you may know, he is a very charismatic and engaging public speaker and happens to be one of my favorite public Zen teachers.

Below you can see a small excerpt from his new blog and links to various videos and talks. Enjoy!

Big mistake.
My Teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, used to always say, “Opening your mouth is already a big mistake.”
So, beginning this blog is an even bigger mistake, because words and phrases launched out into the crackling digital ether of the Internet have a half-life of infinity: When we say something with the mouth, unless it is recorded, at least the words and sounds can fizzle back into the Nothing from whence they came.  But digital marks and images — while also being fundamentally empty — still maintain the power to affect, long after they have been typed and launched.  Big mistake!

Cloud Path: The Weblog of Hyun Gak Sunim 

Bodhidharma to America: Public Lecture Series in Audio

Video Lectures on The Diamond Sutra

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