Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learning Equanimity from Birthers

From fellow IBS USA seminary student, Lawrence Grecco:

Sometimes I learn how to cultivate a positive quality by witnessing how it’s polar opposite gets played out either by myself or people around me.

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work with cultivating equanimity, specifically with regard to birthers who continue to spread the lie that President Obama may not have been born in this country. On the surface they present this as an issue of legitimacy (since only a natural born U.S. citizen can be president), but even more disturbing are the not-so-subtle undertones of racism implicit within this kind of talk.

Equanimity isn’t just some mellow state where I can be completely chill and detached from whatever is going on around me, but a state of mind that doesn’t discriminate between “me” and “them.” It asks that we recognize that all beings are essentially interconnected and the lines we draw between ourselves are illusory and only serve to cause more suffering for ourselves and others....

Read the full post at his blog Open Sky Zen

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