Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Actualizing Interconnectedness and Showing Solidarity

Another thoughtful post from Japan Life and Religion:

In these difficult times, you can show your solidarity and support of Japan in a couple ways (among others):

Turn out the lights tonight, and especially all unnecessary appliances (e.g. computers, TV, etc). Watching too much news will drive you crazy anyway, so turn everything off and go read a book instead. You’ll save energy too.

Skip a meal tonight. There are many people in the world starving (not Japan, but in other places), so skip a meal or two. People take food for granted until they don’t have it anymore.

Walk to work if feasible, or ride a bike, or just take a bus/train. A lot of people in Japan are doing this right now, so show your support and get some exercise too. In other words, leave your car at home.

Instead of adding fuel to panic and misinformation, show your support by making some sacrifices at home, just as people in Japan are doing now.

And a message from Thich Nhat Hanh

The pain of one part of humankind is the pain of the whole of humankind. And the human species and the planet Earth are one body. What happens to one part of the body happens to the whole body.

An event such as this reminds us of the impermanent nature of our lives. It helps us remember that what's most important is to love each other, to be there for each other, and to treasure each moment we have that we are alive. This is the best that we can do for those who have died: we can live in such a way that they continue, beautifully, in us.....

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