Friday, March 11, 2011

A Buddhist Response to the Japan Tsunami

How can meditators help with the widespread destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan?


Even if we are novice meditators we can keep our hearts open to the suffering we see and hold the victims of the earthquake in our meditation practice. If you know tonglen practice you can do tonglen for Japan, for the victims and their friends and families. At the very least you can meditate on loving kindness and, in your own words, dedicate your meditation practice to all of those suffering in Japan.


Many organizations state that in the midst of a crisis like this the most highly recommended form of support is through making a donation. There are a number of organizations that you will likely be able to donate to in order to support Japan. The Red Cross is just one of these organizations who, incidentally, are also providing solid information on what is happening on-the-ground. In the days ahead I am sure more information will be made available on this front. I hope people will list other worthwhile organizations in the comments section.

The important thing to remember is to continue to keep an open heart and not shut down and ignore the suffering of our fellow human beings in Japan. If we can offer our practice, service, or generosity to the victims of the tsunami then we no longer need to feel disempowered. I invite others to share their own reflections on how we can help our friends overseas.

Donate to Red Cross Relief Fund here.

Excerpts taken from Huffington Post

More information about the earthquake and Tsunami here

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I've only been practicing a year and I wasn't sure how to improve the atmosphere in the face of the tsunami. I'll do tonglen tonight with the aspiration that we may all enjoy a hopeful, loving world and be free of suffering and the root of suffering.