Monday, March 28, 2011

Does FAITH Play a Role in Buddhism?

Written by IBS Seminary student Lawrence Grecco for IDP

What I love about Buddhism is that we aren’t required to believe anything. In fact, the Buddha encouraged us to test things out for ourselves rather than blindly accept whatever he said. There was no “dude, just take my word for it” that would have prompted lifetimes of doubt and internal struggle. We were given a set of guidelines, observations, and a path to follow and if we do it diligently, there’s not much room for any doubt to occur.

As many have said before, Buddhism isn’t something we believe-- it’s something that we do. This practice stands is sharp contrast to all of the other faith-based spiritual systems (most of which are considered religions), since it’s an action-based and doesn’t revolve around a set of doctrines or commandments....

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