Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Haeng-ja Opening Ceremonies

The 2012 Taego Order Haeng-ja (Postulant) training officially begun this past Wednesday at        Seonam-sa Monastery near Suncheon, South Korea.

Muddy Water Zen Dharma Student Bup Woon (Jason Jay) arrived in Korea earlier this week to participate in the full training program.

This is one of the largest Haeng-ja groups with 131 total postulants (96 men, 35 women).

In the video above of the opening ceremonies, you can briefly catch a view of Bup Woon at about the 1:12 mark (don't blink!) The video also shows the President of the Taego Order, Ven. In Gong speaking, as well as Seonam-sa Abbot Seol Eun.

2 other MWZ Dharma Students (Bup Hae/Candace Palopoli & Bup Woo/Tim Sheehy) will depart home on Tuesday, to join Bup Woon in training at Seonam-sa and they all will ordain as novice monks (Sami and Samini) on Wednesday, September 26 after more than 20 days of monastic training.

More updates to follow as they become available!

Haeng-ja Class #37

Seonam-sa Abbot Seol Eun Sunim (Center)

Taego President In Gong Sunim

Opening Ceremonies

Screen Grab from Video (in Korean) (Video/Picture Source)

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