Monday, September 3, 2012

Haengja Training at Seonam-sa in South Korea

Bup Woon, Bup Woo, Bup Hae

The first of MWZ's 3 Haengja (postulant monks) Bup Woon Jay (Jason Jay), leaves for Seonam-sa in South Korea this morning for monastic training and ordination as a junior monk!

Bup Woo (Timothy Sheehy) and Bup Hae (Candace Palopoli) will join Bup Woon after next Tuesday for their 2 weeks of training and ordination.

This is a special time for the Overseas Parish of the Taego Order as Bup Hae will be the 1st non-Korean woman to undergo this Haengja training at Seonam-sa.

Bup Chon Sunim and Bup Mee Sunim both completed their training and ordination at Seonam-sa in 2010 and 2011.

They will all undergo intensive monastic training which includes a very demanding schedule and hard physical and mental challenges!

Their training will be held at the historic and traditional Seonam-sa temple, the main training temple of the Taego Order. They will be joined by over 100 other Korean postulants.

Muddy Water Zen Abbot, Hae Doh Sunim, as well as several other family and friends will also fly out to South Korea at the completion of their training to witness and support their ordination.

The entire MWZ contingent will return home on Friday, September 28th. There will be a special installation service at Muddy Water Zen that Sunday, September 30th, where all 3 new monks will join the MWZ clergy and will celebrate with a pot-luck lunch.

Please keep all three of them in your thoughts and wish them well in their travels and training as they take this next step on their paths!

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