Tuesday, September 25, 2012

At Seonam-sa Monastery

The Abbot of Muddy Water Zen, Hae Doh Sunim, along with MWZ member Kim and Chung Gong Sunim at Seonam-sa Monastery near Suncheon, South Korea.

At this time the 3 Haeng-ja from MWZ, Bup Woon (Jason Jay), Bup Hae (Candace Palopoli), and Bup Woo (Tim Sheehy) should have finished their final training by completing 일보일배 (1 Step, 1 Bow) and will ordain as novice monks tomorrow morning (Korea Time).

The MWZ contingent will all return back home this coming Friday along with our 3 newly ordained monks. 

This coming Sunday we will hold a special installation service where all 3 will be inducted as staff clergy at MWZ and a celebration will follow after the service with a potluck lunch and dessert. 

All are invited and welcome to attend.

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