Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism

The “Collected Works of Korean Buddhism,” a 13 volume series of teachings by the three great Buddhist masters of Korean Buddhism; Wonhyo (617-686), Jinul (1158-1210) and Hyujeong (1520-1604) was published in English last month.

The project began in December of 2006 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and took 5 years and eight months to complete.

From Dr. Robert Buswell:

It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of the English Edition of The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism. This edition, completed in July 2012, consists of thirteen volumes of English translations of selected texts from the Hanguk Bulgyo Jeonseo 韓國佛教全 書. The thirteen volumes of this anthology collect the whole panoply of Korean Buddhist writing from the Three Kingdoms period (ca. 57 C.E.‒668) through the Joseon dynasty (1392‒1910). These writings include commentaries on scriptures as well as philosophical and disciplinary texts by the most influential scholiasts of the tradition; the writings of its most esteemed Seon adepts; indigenous collections of Seon gongan cases, discourses, and verse; travelogues and historical materials; and important epigraphical compositions.

For a the full table of contents of the thirteen volumes, and download link, please see:

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  1. it's like the official korean buddhist omnibus collection! so exciting!