Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At the Airport!

Bup Hae (Candace Palopoli) and Bup Woo (Tim Sheehy) depart today to journey to Seonam-sa (the Taego Order training monastery) in South Korea to participate in intense monastic training as Buddhist monk postulants. They will join Bup Woon (Jason Jay) who arrived at Seonam-sa one week ago.

All 3 Haeng-ja (novitiates) will ordain as novice monks (sami and samini) on Wednesday, September 26 before returning home the following Friday.

We wish Bup Woo and Bup Hae a safe journey on their long flight to South Korea and safe travels as they make their way to Seonam-sa.

Please keep all 3 in your thoughts and good intentions and wish them the best!

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